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    Laboratory of Researches for the development of Livestock INRA - France
    Institutional web site: http://www.corte.inra.fr

LRDE is a Corsican department of the national French INRA. LRDE is dedicated to the research on the husbandry in rangelands and mountainous Mediterranean areas. Its main basic topics are: collective action and technical innovations in livestocks. The multiple uses of spaces (husbandry, urban sprawls, tourism) are one of its hottest present axes of research. It is located in Corte, central city of Corsica.

Description of the principal personnel involved with their relevant experience

Jean Christophe Paoli is a researcher and will be the LRDE team leader. He is a rural economist, specializing in the territorial studies of Mediterranean pastoral areas. He has worked in France and abroad Sardinia and North Africa, where he spent several long times. His approach (named Comparative Study of Agricultures) is a crossroad between agronomics, geography and history. His topic is to understand the dynamics of the land tenure in pastoral areas.

Pierre Matthieu Santucci is a researcher and will participate on the tasks as an pastoralist expert. He has an extensive research experience on the functionalities of the flocks with respect to the use of rangelands. He has been the director of the LRDE and presently leads research on the public use of prescribed fires as an alternative for the classical means for keeping the rangelands.

Claude Napoleone is a researcher in another INRA Lab (Ecodev - Avignon) and will participate in the project. He is an economist specialist in the rural land market with special focus on the conversion of agricultural land to urban land. He currently works with the LRDE on the topic of the influence of tourism on the rural land market. He is also the Director of Ecodev.

Florian Guéniot is a researcher assistant in computer programming. He is specialized in Java language and website development. He also uses the Geographic Information Systems (GIS) to make analyses related to livestock development.

Michel Moulery is an engineer, he works in information technologies. He is specialized in Geographic Information Systems. He helps the team of Corte in remote sensing and landscape analysis.